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Push Button Banker

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You can also apply by:
  • Calling us at 1-800-HILLSBK
  • Stopping by any location!
Push Button Banker Phone Numbers
  • Iowa City Area: 319-679-5522
  • Cedar Rapids Area: 319-654-8044
  • Toll Free: 1-800-345-8118
Push Button Banker is a 24-hour telephone banking service which lets you:


  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Inquire on checks and other debits that have cleared your account
  • Search for specific checks, and even have a copy of your statement faxed to you

To sign up for Push Button Banker you can†apply online or stop by any Hills Bank location for an application.

If you're already signed up for Push Button Banker and would like to access your accounts, please call 319-679-5522 for the Iowa City area, 319-654-8044 for the Cedar Rapids area, or toll free at 1-800-345-8118.

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