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Who knew paying bills could be so simple? With free PowerPay from Hills Bank you pay your bills from your Hills Bank checking account without writing a check or buying stamps. Simply login to Hills Bank Online, select your payee, enter the amount you want to pay, the date the payment should be sent, and click submit. That’s it. Even make recurring payments quickly and easily. You can enter your payments in advance and have them paid at any time during the month.

Sign up for free PowerPay today! Once you pay bills with PowerPay, you’ll never want to write a check again.


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With Quicken® Direct Connect, you can pay your bills through Quicken and it will automatically update in Hills Bank OnlineSM and PowerPayTM. To activate your Hills Bank accounts and PowerPay for Direct Connect, download this Quicken user guide or open Quicken and select Online > One Step Update today!



Frequently Asked Questions about PowerPay

View a demo of Hills Bank PowerPay.

See how PowerPay can make paying bills easy!

How do I sign up for PowerPay?

You can sign up two ways:

In person: Stop by any Hills Bank location for an application or email hillsbank@hillsbank.com for an application that can be emailed; you will need to return the form via mail, fax, or drop it off at any Hills Bank location.

Online: You can apply for PowerPay online at www.hillsbank.com (and apply for Hills Bank Online if you aren’t already enrolled).

What is the fee for PowerPay?

PowerPay is free, and you can make unlimited payments using PowerPay each month. Any additional fees will be deducted from your checking account the day they are incurred (stop payments, NSF fees, etc.).

PowerPay for Business Customers is $4.95 a month plus $0.40 per transaction.

Who can use PowerPay?

Any customer at least 18 years of age with an active Hills Bank checking account.


When can I start using PowerPay?

As soon as you are signed up for Hills Bank Online and PowerPay, and you have your user ID and password, you can start paying your bills. We recommend that you pay yourself first to see how the process works and what the checks look like. In addition, for electronic payments we suggest you send a small test payment prior to sending your normal payment in order to verify all information.

How do I enable my account to use PowerPay?

After enrolling in PowerPay and receiving notice that you are ready to pay your bills, follow these steps:

  • Login to Hills Bank Online.
  • Click PowerPay from the toolbar above your account listing.
  • Choose Add New Account from the toolbar.
  • Select the account you would like to add to PowerPay from the drop down menu.
  • Click Submit.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.

You can now add your payees.

What bills can be paid with PowerPay?

You can pay almost anyone in the United States: another person, the utility company, credit card companies, etc. However, you are not able to pay government agencies with PowerPay including the Internal Revenue Service. At this time, you are not able to send payments outside of the United States.

How do I add payees?

  • Click Payees on the PowerPay toolbar.
  • Click Add Payee to the right of the page.
  • Enter the payee information.
  • Click Search. A search is now done to check if the payee is in the electronic payment database. If not, your payee will receive a check; the result will be on the next page. 
  • Enter the information.
  • Click Submit. You will then see a list of your payees.
  • To continue adding payees, click the Add Payee button.
  • To pay bills, click New Payment.

Can I edit payee addresses?

No, you will need to set up a new payee with the correct address and then delete the old one.


How many payees may I have set up?

You are able to have up to 99 payees in your payee list.


How do I make a payment?

Follow these steps to make a payment:

  • Click New Payment from the PowerPay toolbar; then click Add Payment.  For instructions on how to make a Quick Payment, see below.
  • Choose the account to pay from.
  • Select the payee you want to pay.
  • Enter the amount, memo is optional.
  • Choose the frequency and the date the payment should be sent (remember to allow at least 5 business days for check payments).

The final screen will show a summary and your confirmation number.

How does the Quick Payment feature work?

Just click the Quick Payment button and then select the payees you want to pay. Quick Payment lets you pay multiple payees at once without accessing each one individually. This makes paying your bills quicker and even more efficient.


Can I set up recurring payments?

Yes, in addition to one-time payments, you can have payments set up in the following frequencies: weekly, bi-weekly (every other week), monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, annually, and semi-annually.


How do I set up recurring payments that will have different amounts for each payment?

After you select the payee, payment frequency, start date, and the expiration date, you will see Variable Payment at the bottom of the window. If your payment amount changes each time, check this box. Remember that you will need to enter the next payment amount before the next payment date or the payment will not be sent (the dollar amount reverts to $0.00).


How do I know if the payment will be made electronically or by check?

After you enter the payee name and state, a search is automatically done to see if the payee is in the electronic database. If it is, your payee will automatically receive an electronic payment. If not, your payee will receive a check. On the following screen, you will enter the address and account information for your payee, and you will be shown the payment method appropriate for your payee. (Remember to allow at least five (5) business days for check payments.) If you forget which payee receives a check, select Payees from the PowerPay menu for a list of all your payees and the type of payment they receive.


How much time do I need to allow for my payments to be made?

Hills Bank and Trust Company recommends a three (3) business days' lead-time for electronic payments and at least a five (5) business days' lead-time for a check. Some payees take longer to process payments that arrive without remittance slips; in these situations you should allow more time for your payments to be applied. If this occurs, you should check with those payees to inquire if there is an alternate address to use when a remittance slip is not enclosed. We encourage you to send a payment to yourself before paying your bills to see how the process works.


How late in the day can I add, edit, or delete a payment?

Daily there are two payment-processing times: 2:00 am and 12:00 pm CST. For payments that are scheduled in advance, you may add, edit, or delete those scheduled payments until 1:59 am CST Central Standard Time (CST) the day the payment process starts.

For example, if you enter the start date of the 15th, you can make changes or cancel the payment until 1:59 am CST on the 15th. If you would like a payment to be sent the same day you are entering it, the information needs to be entered by 12:00 pm CST. For example, if you are entering a payment on the 10th at 10:00 am CST to be mailed also on the 10th, the payment will be mailed that day. However, if you enter the same payment at 1:00 pm CST on the 10th to be mailed that day, the payment will actually be processed at 2:00 am CST on the 11th.

Same-day payments set up between 12:01 pm CST and 1:59 am CST will be processed at 2:00 am CST. Same-day payments set up between 2:01 am CST and 11:59 am CST will be processed at 12:00 pm CST.

Remember, the payment date is not the date your bill is due, it is the date you want the payment process to start: three (3) business days prior to the due date for electronic payments and at least five (5) business days prior to the due date for check payments.


My payment says it was processed when I look in Hills Bank Online. What does 'processed' mean?

Processed simply means that the payment was sent when you requested. It does not mean that the payment has been received, the check cashed, etc. When you see that the check has cleared your Hills Bank account, then you know the payment has been applied to your account with the payee. Remember to allow at least five (5) business days for your check payment to arrive at its destination.


When will the funds be taken out of my checking account?

For check payments: the money will be withdrawn from your account when the payment clears your account — just as if you wrote a check from your checkbook. The payment date is not the date your bill is due, it is the date you want the payment process to start: three (3) business days prior to the due date for electronic payments and at least five (5) business days prior to the due date for check payments.

For electronic payments: the funds will be withdrawn on the payment date.


What happens if I don't have enough money in my account or if I need to stop a check?

We will treat PowerPay items just like any other debit that you authorize. Any item that causes your account to be overdrawn will be assessed an NSF fee.

To put a stop payment on a check, contact Hills Bank Customer Service, email hillsonline@hillsbank.com or call us at 1-800-HILLSBK. There is a fee for each stop payment.

Can I get a copy of a canceled check?

Yes, you can print a copy of your canceled PowerPay check just as you do a check written from your checkbook: log into Hills Bank Online and select the appropriate payment. You can also contact Hills Bank Customer Service for a copy to be mailed to you (a fee may be assessed for this service).


What happens if I have a scheduled payment that falls over a weekend or holiday?

Scheduled, recurring payments that fall over a weekend will be processed on the Friday before the payment date. For a payment scheduled to be mailed the 10th of each month, if the 10th falls on a Sunday, the payment will be mailed on Friday.

Any new payments submitted over the weekend (recurring or one-time) that are scheduled to be processed that weekend, will be processed on Monday. Holiday processing is done the same way; the scheduled payment is processed the day before the holiday. View the holiday schedule.


What if I notice payments that I did not authorize?

Contact Hills Bank Customer Service immediately! During normal business hours call (319) 679-5500 for the Iowa City area, (319) 654-8100 for the Cedar Rapids area, or toll-free at 1-800-HILLSBK. After hours, leave a message on our voice mail or email us at hillsonline@hillsbank.com and we will respond to you as soon as we are back in the office. Refer to your copy of the electronic services disclosure for more detailed information.


How do I cancel PowerPay?

Contact any Hills Bank location for a cancellation form, or call Hills Bank Customer Service at (319) 679-5500 for the Iowa City area, (319) 654-8100 for the Cedar Rapids area, or toll free at 1-800-HILLSBK to have a form mailed to you for your signature.


Does the memo I type in when setting up a payment print on the check?

Yes, you should treat this field like the memo line on your personal checks. The account number that you entered when you added the payee also prints on the check. This lets the merchant know to which account the payment should be applied.


How far back can I view my payment history?

Your payment history records are available online for one year. To view them, select History from the PowerPay toolbar. Your check images are available online for approximately 120 days.


What happens if an electronic payment I have set up in PowerPay is rejected? Do I need to re-submit the payment?

No. Electronic payments will be transmitted when funds become available.


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