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Electronic Transfer Account (ETA)

This account is designed for customers who receive an electronic Federal benefit, wage, salary, or retirement payment.



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Monthly Fees and Terms:

  • $3 basic monthly fee**
  • Must have electronic Federal payment
  • Monthly debit item fee of $.25 per debit item? in excess of four (4) 

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**    Subject to Iowa state sales tax
^^   A fee may be imposed by a non-Hills Bank ATM owner
?    Debit items counted for this purpose are funds transfer and ATM withdrawal




Hills Bank and Trust Company Electronic Transfer Account Attachment Disclosure 

Many Federal benefit payments including Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income benefits, Veteran's benefits, and Railroad Retirement benefits, are protected from attachment under Federal law. This means that your creditors do not have the right to have these funds taken out of your ETA. There are a few exceptions, however. For example, funds in your ETA can be taken to satisfy child support or alimony obligations you owe. (If you deposit funds other than Federal benefit payments to your ETA, your creditors may be able to have those funds taken out of your account, but your Federal benefits would still be protected.)

If Hills Bank and Trust Company receives an order of attachment, garnishment, or levy, we will immediately send you a copy of the order and the name of the creditor and contact person, if any.

If you have questions about creditors' rights to remove funds from your ETA, contact your benefit agency or your local legal services organization.

Agency Agreement. Hills Bank and Trust Company is required by the Department of the Treasury to ensure that your ETA meets certain criteria and to provide you with certain disclosures about your ETA. These obligations are set forth in an ETA Financial Agency Agreement between Hills Bank and Trust Company and the Department of the Treasury. The text of the ETA Financial Agency Agreement is publicly available and is published in the Federal Register at 64 FR 38510, dated July 16, 1999.

Electronic Transfer Account Schedule of Fees for Hills Bank and Trust Company


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