Online Shares

Online Shares

Hills Bancorporation’s stock transfer agent, Computershare, is now allowing shareholders to deposit their paper Hills Bancorporation stock certificates into electronic shares (book entry). Book entry is a way of tracking stock ownership where no certificate is given to the shareholder. The shares are “paperless,” “online,” or “digital.”

If you would like to deposit your paper shares into book entry (online) shares, the process is simple:

  • Collect your paper shares (certificates). The certificates do not need to be medallion guaranteed for this purpose.
  • Write a letter to Computershare explaining that you would like to deposit your certificates into book entry form (see sample letter).
  • Send the paper certificates and letter to Computershare. The sample letter includes the appropriate address depending on how you send the certificates.
  • Once processed, you should receive a confirmation from Computershare or you can review your information online.
    • You will need to create an account on the Computershare Investor Center website located at:
      • You only need your SSN and zip code to create an account using the New User link.
      • You can also see your paper certificate information on the Investor Center.

A couple of other items to note:

  • There is no fee to deposit your paper certificates into book entry.
  • This option is available to all shareholders.

For any questions regarding your stock, please contact:

Jason Weeks, Vice President, Financial Reporting

Hills Bank and Trust Company
(319) 679-5086

Tammy Lenoch, Administrative Assistant

Hills Bank and Trust Company
(319) 679-2137

Amanda Arn, Community Relations Officer

Hills Bank and Trust Company
(319) 679-2148