A partnership with Hills Bank Trust and Wealth Management provides you the opportunity to work with professionals who have a broad range of experience working with not-for-profit and charitable accounts.

Not-for-profit accounts are managed in a manner consistent with the mission of the organization. We adhere to your portfolio distribution needs/requirements, and an aggregate allocation that takes into consideration reasonable and realistic risk and return expectations based upon realistic capital market projections.

  • Not-for-profit/charitable account experience since the late 1950s.
  • We provide assistance with designing, implementing and reviewing your Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
    • The creation of a comprehensive and well-written IPS is crucial to maintaining a successful investment program.
    • A formal IPS serves as a conclusion to the strategic planning process by documenting:
      • General investment philosophy
      • Asset allocation
      • Risk tolerance
      • Return expectations
      • Manager selection and monitoring
      • Control procedures
  • Policy documentation will also assist in fulfilling fiduciary duties by serving as a communications tool to all interested parties.

For more information about Non-Profit and Charitable giving, contact an Investment Professional online or call us.


Please note that neither Hills Bank nor the Hills Bank Trust and Wealth Management Department provide tax or legal advice. You should always consult an attorney along with a tax professional to determine how to prepare the best estate plan for your situation.