Money Market vs. CDs

Money Market vs. CDs

December 17, 2019

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Once basic account needs are met with a basic checking and/or savings account, you may decide that adding a more robust account to your portfolio would better suit your financial needs. Money Market accounts (MMAs) and Certificate of Deposits (CDs) typically earn a higher interest rate than basic checking or savings account, but are two very different accounts. 

Money Market Account 

MMAs are a type of savings account that typically earns more interest than a basic savings account and also requires a larger minimum deposit. As with most basic savings accounts, MMAs limit your monthly transaction amount.  Overall this account type is intended to hold your money for an extended period of time with minimal withdrawals. 

Certificate of Deposit 

A CD is a timed deposit, which means you leave your money with the bank and are unable to withdraw it until a certain amount of time has passed. This amount of time can be anywhere from a few months to many years. Typically the longer the amount of time you leave your money in a CD, the higher the interest rate on that CD will be. If you are considering a CD be sure you are comfortable with the terms of the agreement, because withdrawing any money before the end of the CD term can result in penalty costs. 

When deciding which account will best fit your financial situation, decide first how short or long-term you intend to keep your money in the account. You also do not have to pick just one account to house all your money in. A mix of account types is beneficial to anyone’s overall financial portfolio. 

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