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Hills Bank Live Local
Make a Difference • Get Involved • Make a Small Change Today • Sustain Our Local Economy • Strengthen Our Community

Hills Bank is proud to help sustain our local economy by living locally. We encourage you to support Live Local. All it takes is small changes to make a big difference in our communities. It is as simple as shopping locally instead of online, attending local events, or donating money to a local organization.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to live locally and help improve the communities we live in. Making the choice to eat locally produced foods, dine at local restaurants, and shop at local merchants strengthens the local economy and creates a more diverse and vibrant community.

Take pride in the eastern Iowa Corridor. Live Local is about having more choices, better options, and supporting our neighbors. We can work together to create balanced communities that can meet the needs of our citizens now and in the future. It’s easier than you might think!


Shop Locally

Hills Bank encourages you to make your purchases from locally-owned businesses so together we can strengthen our local economy. Successful businesses employ more people – people that live, work, and pay taxes in our communities. And when consumers don’t have to drive to other communities to find what they want, their environmental impact is lessened and everyone’s quality of life is improved.

  • Find unique gifts in your own community from local artists Buy art from local artists at local art galleries
    Arts Iowa City                                  Holiday Thieves Art Fair
    Iowa Artisans Gallery                      Legion Arts                 
  • Visit a local winter farmers market for seasonal goods bread
  • Take a boxing or karate class at a local martial arts studio 

  • Buy coffee from the local coffee shop

  • Get fresh meat from your local butcher

  • Celebrate your birthday with a cake from your local bakery

  • Hire ahandyman for household repairs

  • Visit a local seamstress or cobbler   to mend your clothes or repair your shoes

  • Get your oil changed by a local mechanic

  • Visit a local jeweler to find unique gifts

  • Buy fresh flowers from a local florist

  • Purchase customfurniture from a local woodworker

  • Purchase a child's gift from a local toy store

Give Back to Your Community

Opportunities to give are everywhere. Finding local need is as easy as reading the newspaper, watching the news, searching the internet, or taking a walk around your community. Find something you are passionate about so that it is easy for you to stay involved. These are just a few ideas to help you get started. Email other ideas on how to live locally to webmaster@hillsbank.com.                                                

  • Shovel shovelthe driveway for a neighbor who is unable to do it themselves




  • Give to a neighbor in need by helping with a household chore



  • Make booties, bonnets, or blankets for your local hospital's Preemie Project 




Experience Local Life

Learn what your local community has to offer and experience local life. Sometimes it's easy to overlook what's happening in our own communities. Try these ideas to experience more of what our communities have to offer.

  • Catch a minor league or university basketball athletic event athletic event

  • Work out at your local gym
  • Take a knitting or sewing class at a local craft store

  • Go antiquing at a local antique dealer


Businesses can also look for ways to keep our communities vibrant. If you are a business owner, be a small business activist yourself. Read the newspaper to keep informed of local news. If you come across something that affects your neighbors or community, get involved by offering your help in the form of a place to meet, or display literature. Many times small businesses can do what larger businesses and corporations can't do without permission from headquarters. Below are more ways your business can live local.

  • Use a local cleaning service to clean your business
  • Hire a local design firm or ad agency
  • Use local courier services for deliveries
  • Purchase office supplies from a local supply company
  • Balance your bookswith a local accountant
  • Hire local caterers for your next business meeting
  • Use a local company to help with your technology needs
  • Book business trips with a local travel agent

Suggest Ways to Live Locally

How do you Live Local? Tell us how you live local, or share a local event by emailing webmaster@hillsbank.com. You might find your ideas or local events listed above!

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