Lemon Boss Wrap-Up 2020

Lemon Boss Wrap-Up 2020

August 24, 2020

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At Hills Bank, we support local businesses of all shapes and sizes. During our seventh year of Lemon Boss, we helped over 170 young entrepreneurs ages 5-12 start their own back-yard businesses. We had Lemon Bosses from across Iowa and Nevada participate this year!

The Lemon Boss program is a great opportunity to teach kids how to start their own business, including securing a business loan, recording financial information, managing money, and developing customer service skills. And of course, it’s about making and selling lemonade! As we are all aware of the potential risk involved in coming into contact with strangers this year, our Lemon Boss program looked a little different than in past years. We suggested that program participants should only “sell” lemonade to other members of their household. But these kids also had a chance to learn some important money skills this summer, with interactive exercises and hands-on sales experience.

The Lemon Boss program has given numerous young entrepreneurs around the Corridor and out of state the opportunity to learn how to run their own business, and we appreciate you sharing your success and photos with us!

One group of young Lemon Boss entrepreneurs—Cade, Eben, Miles, Lilly, and Byron—worked together with their grandfather Dave to create a creative and contact-less lemonade stand: fully outfitted with five cardboard cutouts of the Lemon Boss team of six, bottles of water, and individual lemonade packets. After two days of having their Lemon Boss stand set up outside our Iowa City location at 2621 Muscatine Ave, these cousins were able to raise enough funds to provide three months of support for their Compassion International student. Great work to this team of entrepreneurs!


We would like to extend our thanks to all the young entrepreneurs who participated in this year’s pro- gram! And don’t forget to tag us with your pictures on social media on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Though we will continue to prioritize the safety of our customers, we hope next year’s Lemon Boss program can return to the traditional lemonade stand model that has provided countless kids with their first business experience for generations.