Lemon Boss

Lemon Boss

Lemon Boss

Lemon Boss is an annual program for Penny Savers and other kids ages 5-12. It’s designed to teach them how to start their own business, including securing a business loan, recording financial information, managing money, and developing customer service skills. And of course, it’s about making and selling lemonade!

As we’re all aware of the potential risk involved in coming into contact with strangers this year, we recommend that your Lemon Boss only “sell” lemonade to other members of your household. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still teach him or her some important money skills this summer.


What's in the Lemon Boss Kit? 

  • Paper cups
  • 4 single serving size Lemonade Mix packets
  • ‘I’m A Lemon Boss’ Stickers
  • Lemon Boss Coloring Page
  • Thank You Note + Instructions Postcard
  • Wooden Nickel: redeemable for $2 into your child’s Penny Saver account                      



                                              Tips for Lemon Bosses 

Quality Counts 

Just like in the real business world, the quality of your product matters. Make sure your lemonade tastes good – and is cold! You could even add a lemon wedge or drink umbrella for extra pizazz.

Establish Ground Rules

How long will the stand stay in “business?” What are your hours? What will you charge? No matter what you decide, make sure there’s always an adult around to supervise.

Capture the Moment

When your Lemon Boss kit arrives, take a video of the un-boxing and share it with us by using the #LemonBoss2020 hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or email us at LemonBoss@hillsbank.com.**

Ways to Host a Lemonade Stand This Summer – At a Distance

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*No purchase necessary and while supplies last. To apply for a free Hills Bank Lemon Boss kit submit a request form at hillsbank.com/lemonboss. Limit one kit per household per year. Form submitter must be the parent and/or guardian of a child or children 5-12 years old. Adult supervision recommended.

**By submitting Lemon Boss photos to #LemonBoss or lemonboss@hillshank.com, you agree that Hills Bank has the right to use your content in any way and on all Hills Bank websites, social media networks, print and advertising, and other media, including your name and profile picture, without payments or other considerations.