Kids Activities to Cure Summer Boredom

Kids Activities to Cure Summer Boredom

July 18, 2022

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Has the summer started to drag on for you and your kids? Then it might be time to start a new activity or book, check out summer youth programs, and even get a jump-start on their financial literacy at Hills Bank! Here are a few suggestions to keep kids busy as we enter the second half of summer.

Run a Lemonade Stand

Have you heard about our Lemon Boss program? It’s a great way to teach kids about some small business basics by getting hands-on with a lemonade stand! Stop by your local Hills Bank branch before July 31st to pick up a free Lemon Boss kit with lemonade mix, a wooden spoon, start-up money, and more.

Learn more about Lemon Boss.

Read a Good Book – and Be Rewarded

Whether sprawled out in a comfy indoor chair or laying out under the shade of a tree, anywhere can be a reading nook when you have the right book. And if you haven’t yet signed your child up for a local Summer Reading Program yet, there may still be time to do so! Across our area, this year’s theme is Read Beyond the Beaten Path.

Here are some participating local libraries.

Along with being a great way to spend a summer afternoon, reading books can be a great way to teach kids about finances and money management. That’s especially true when the stories they tell can hold their attention.

Here are a few of our favorites.

This August, kids 5-12 years old can even get recognized for reading with the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders Little Reader of the Game contest! Watch for a postcard in the mail or stop by a Hills Bank branch starting on August 8 to pick up your child’s entry form.

Shop on Tax-Free Weekend

Along with getting some school shopping done, Iowa’s tax-free weekend on Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6 is also a great time to teach kids about some of the added costs that normally come with shopping – like taxes. You can help them understand these costs by comparing it to something else. For example, if tax on a purchase is $1, you could say that it’s like buying a candy bar on top of the item you’re actually purchasing.

Earn Allowance by Doing Chores

Kids may not like doing chores, but they’ll sure like receiving an allowance – and you’ll enjoy having the housework done! When school is out, take the opportunity to teach kids how to do chores that they might not do otherwise and help them understand the reward that comes with hard work. Who knows, they might even thank you for giving them something to do (don’t hold your breath, though)!

Take a Trip to Hills Bank

With the money kids receive from doing chores, lemonade stands, and other summer jobs, encourage them to save in a bank account. After all, there’s no better way for kids to learn about how to handle a bank account than to help them do it themselves. When your child under age 12 make their first $5 deposit (with your assistance) into a new Penny Savers account, they’ll get a free penny grab to add all the coins they can hold to their account balance! It’s our way of showing kids that a trip to the bank can be a great time to learn and earn. Stop by one of our 19 locations across the Corridor with your kid(s) to find out more.