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Hills Bank Rewards

Hills Bank RewardsIntroducing Hills Bank Rewards - a valuable, FREE program that rewards you for your everyday spending. Enrollment is automatic, and every purchase with your Hills Bank debit card adds rewards points that can be redeemed for exciting gifts.

Here's how it works:

  • Simply use your Hills Bank debit card for everyday purchases
  • In January, April, July, and October, you will receive points certificates for any points you accumulate
  • Go to hillsbankrewards.com, register, and enter your certificate number
  • With 100 points, you can claim a reward or let points accrue for higher-value items

Use your Hills Bank debit card instead of a check, cash, or credit card to pay for your everyday purchases. Whether shopping, dining out, or filling your car with gas, use your Hills Bank debit card. 

Your Hills Bank debit card is the simple way to payplus, you earn FREE rewards!


Frequently Asked Questions about Hills Bank Rewards

How do I create an account?

To create an account, simply go to the New Account page. Enter the required information and click the submit button. Your account will be created and you will be able to enter certificates.

Do I need Internet and an email address for an account?

You may call 1-910-202-3431 and request a manual redeption form, once you've accumulated points.

Does my account ever expire?

No, your account never expires.

What if I forget my password?

Simply click on Forgot Password and enter the email address associated with your Rewards account into the email address field. A new password will be emailed to you.

How do I earn points?

Every purchase with your Hills Bank debit card adds rewards points. One-half of a point is awarded for every $100 spent with a PIN or "debit" transaction, but you'll earn one point for every $100 spent with a signature or "credit" transaction, which doubles your earning power. Plus, when you use your card for 40 or more purchases in a calendar month, you'll receive an additional 50% in bonus points.

What is a certificate?

Every time you qualify, points will be issued in the form of a certificate. Certificates are mailed out periodically during the year, and you will add the points to your account with these certificates.

How do I enter a certificate to my account?

Log in to your account and click on Enter Certificates. You will see open text fields. You can enter several certificates at a time. After you click the Save button, your points will be verified and added to your balance. Please note that certificates use only numbers 0 through 9 and letters a, b, c, d, e, f.

How do I view my point balance?

When you log in to hillsbankrewards.com, your current point balance will be displayed in the top left corner.

Do points expire?

Points are good for 2 years after issue, as noted as the expiration date on the certificate. When points are redeemed, the system uses the oldest points first to minimize points that expire.

What if I lose or misplace my certificate?

A lost certificate can be replaced by calling 1-910-202-3431, or by emailing customerrewards@hillsbankrewards.com

How do I redeem points for a prize?

You can redeem prizes by clicking on View or Claim Prize (once you have logged in to your account). Simply click on the prize level from which you wish to order and select a prize. Verify the shipping information and click the Submit button, then confirm your order. Gifts usually arrive within 1 week. There are no shipping charges.

Can I send my prize to someone other than myself?

Yes, simply use that person's name and address in the shipping information when placing your order.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

You must enter an address to which both the US Postal Service and UPS/FedEx deliver because the actual method used will be determined by the item ordered. If your physical address includes the word "Box" (such as a Rural Route box number), please replace the word "Box" with the "#" sign in your address. For example, “Route 133, Box 14” becomes “Route 133, #14”. 

How do I contact customer service?

Call 1-910-202-3431 or email customerrewards@hillsbankrewards.com

Why is my online banking log in not working on this site?

The login and password for Hills Bank Rewards and online banking are not the same. Please create a new account and password for logging and redeeming points.

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