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Volume 8, Issue 4: July - August 2013

Maintaining Professionalism

Do you think your professional image may need polishing? Being professional is an essential part of promoting an effective business image. Your behavior reflects on your business and affects how others relate to you. Several factors play a role in presenting yourself as a professional, including the way you talk, dress, and conduct your business affairs. Here are a few reminders on how to maintain your professionalism.

Tip 1
Dress professionally. Choose modest, conservative clothing that reflects the more formal end of the attire accepted at your workplace. What is considered “professional” may be different according to your business, but clean, neat, and crisp will portray an image that helps you earn respect and credibility.

Tip 2
Relationships can be an important aspect of your professional image. This means treating customers and business associates with respect by returning phone calls promptly, listening attentively when being spoken to, being honest and direct in your communication with others, and following through with promises. Building strong relationships gives you a more professional image and those relationships may prove useful in your future business endeavors.

Tip 3
Manage your time and work space professionally. Create a calendar on your desk or computer to keep track of appointments and deadlines. Check the calendar regularly so that you stay on schedule with meetings and tasks. Organize your work area so that you can quickly find the items you need. Use space-saving storage to be more efficient. Improving your time management skills will help you achieve your end goals faster.


Have you ever had trouble finding a customer or the correct reports in QuickBooks? This useful software can be a bit tricky at times. Here are some tips to help you operate your business more efficiently using QuickBooks.

The Company Snapshot is a great way to prioritize your daily agenda. With it you can:

  • Graph income and expenses
  • Display account balances, customers who owe money, and vendors to be paid
  • Receive customized alerts

Simple keystrokes can save you time:

  • Ctrl + I| Create invoice
  • Ctrl + E | Edit transaction selected in register
  • Ctrl + F | Find transaction
  • Ctrl + J | Open Customer Center
  • Ctrl + M | Memorize transaction or report
  • Ctrl + N | New invoice, bill, check, or list item in context
  • Ctrl + Q | QuickReport on transaction or list item
  • Ctrl + T | Open memorized transaction list
  • Ctrl + W | Write new check
  • Ctrl (while opening) | Start QuickBooks without a company file

Learn more at our free QuickBooks Seminars: You are invited to our QuickBooks seminars on September 10, 12, 17, 19, and 24 at a location near you. You may attend one or multiple seminars with lunch provided. Nearly 70% of users say QuickBooks helped them be more profitable. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of free training that could make their business more profitable? Learn more and register TODAY!

If you have further questions about upcoming QuickBooks seminars, contact Carrie Ebel at or 319-358-2272.

Upcoming Events

Learn more or register for upcoming seminars from Hills Bank.

Ethics Jeopardy: A Non-Profit Seminar by Val Lay, AFP Chamber Services Director for Central U.S.
Tuesday, August 20
Registration at 11:30am
Program from noon - 1:00pm
Hills Bank, 590 W Forevergreen Rd, North Liberty
RSVP to Michele Brock at

QuickBooks Seminar
Tuesday, September 10 and Thursday, September 12
11:30am - 1:00pm
Hills Bank, 590 W Forevergreen Rd, North Liberty
RSVP for the QuickBooks Seminar by clicking the link above.

Tuesday, September 17 and Thursday, September 19
11:30am - 1:00pm
Hills Bank, 3905 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids
RSVP for the QuickBooks Seminar by clicking the link above.

Tuesday, September 24
Beginners Session: 10:00am - noon
Advanced Session: 12:30 - 2:30pm
Washington Public Library, 115 W Washington St, Washington
RSVP for the QuickBooks Seminar by clicking the link above.

Managing the Closely Held Business Seminar
Thursday, September 26 - Friday, September 27
8:00am - 5:00pm
Hills Bank, 590 W Forevergreen Rd, North Liberty
RSVP for the Managing the Closely Held Business Seminar by clicking the link above.

Become a Hills Bank Business of the Week

Each week, Hills Bank locations feature a business in their lobby. The Business of the Week can display information and products to promote their business. Potential items you could display include:

  • Business signage
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Photographs of your location
  • Coupons
  • Food samples for a few hours
  • Products like clothing, toys, cars, tractors, etc.

Contact your local Hills Bank location for more information or to participate as a Hills Bank Business of the Week.

Ask the Expert

Q. Can I add a photo to my business debit card?

A. Yes, you can add an image or a company logo to your business debit card as well as your personal debit card. Design your own VISA debit car with a company logo, employee head shot or pick from one of our image galleries. Go to to create your card today.

What's on your debit card? Design your own Visa Debit Card with a company logo, employee head shot, or pick from one of our image galleries at

10 Second Tip

Sharpen Selling Skills
A business can always use improvement in the area of sales. Whether you're selling to big companies or managing your sales team, never forget to focus on enhancing your sales skills.

Hills Happenings

Holiday Schedule

The bank will be closed on the following holiday:

  • Labor Day
    Monday, September 2

Even though we will be closed, you can still do your banking at over 90 Hills Bank ATMs in the Corridor, Hills Bank Online, mobile banking, or through Push Button Banker.

See all the Hills Bank holidays.

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