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  HBT Connect  
Volume 1, Issue 4: July - August 2011  

  Find Lost Money

According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, there is approximately $32.877 billion currently safeguarded by state treasurers and other agencies for 117 million accounts in every U.S. state, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Could some of this money be yours from a checking or savings account, stocks, insurance payments, annuities, utility security deposits, or mineral royalty payments?

Check the following websites to find out if you have assets you may have forgotten about.

National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA):
The NAUPA is a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Association of State Treasurers and the Council of State Governments. By searching www.unclaimed.org, you can start your search for unclaimed money.

MissingMoney.com is a database of governmental unclaimed property records including bank accounts, safe deposit box contents, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, dividends, un-cashed checks and wages, insurance policies, CDs, trust funds, utility deposits, and escrow accounts.

According to TreasuryDirect.gov, each year 25,000 payments are returned to the Department of Treasury as undeliverable and billions of dollars in savings bonds have stopped earning interest but have not been cashed. Check the Treasury Hunt and search by Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number to find unredeemed savings bonds.

Where’s My Refund?
Sometimes income tax refund checks are lost in the mail or returned to the government as undeliverable mail. If you're still waiting for your refund, visit the IRS.gov Where’s My Refund website, search by Social Security Number, filing status, and the amount of the refund.

Great Iowa Treasure Hunt:
Each year millions of dollars are turned over to the State Treasurer’s office as lost or abandoned. To find out if you have unclaimed money, visit greatiowatreasurehunt.com.

To avoid losing money in the future, you should contact institutions that hold your money or property, especially if you change your address or have a name change (find out how to change your address with Hills Bank). Keep accurate financial records and record all insurance policies, bank account numbers with bank names and addresses, types of accounts, stock certificates, and safe deposit boxes. Not only will this help keep you organized, but it can be valuable for family members in the event of your death. The Hills Bank Personal SAFEkeeper can help you keep these financial documents organized.

  Save Money and Live Local with a Weekend Get-away

Hills Bank is proud to help sustain our local economy by living local. We encourage you to support Live Local. Even small changes will make a big difference in our communities. It is as simple as shopping locally instead of online, attending local events, donating money to a local organization, or taking a weekend getaway in one of our communities.

This summer, you don’t have to go on an exotic, far away location to have a great vacation or weekend get-away. Eastern Iowa has several great destinations right in our own back yard. Live Local and visit one!

Brucemore Mansion: A visit to Brucemore Mansion in Cedar Rapids will take you to a National Trust Historic estate showcasing striking gardens and grounds, rich history, and a magnificent 21-room mansion. As a community cultural center, Brucemore's 26-acres are alive with concerts, festivals, performances, and activities, so every time you visit you will experience something new.

Herbert Hoover Historical Site: Whether you have half an hour or half a day, there are many things to see and do at the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. View Herbert Hoover’s birthplace cottage along with other historical buildings associated with his early childhood.

Iowa Valley Scenic Byway: The 77-mile Iowa Valley Scenic Byway travels through the Iowa River Corridor and is anchored by two distinct cultures. The north end tours through the Meskwaki settlement of the Sac and Fox Nation, and the south end loops the seven villages of the historic Amana Colonies that were settled by German Pietists and are known for their restaurants and craft shops.

Kewash Nature Trail: Bike, hike, or cross country ski this 14-mile crushed limestone trail connecting Washington and Keota. Enjoy the rich woodlands, wide prairies, and rolling countryside. Along this former railroad corridor, the Kewash Nature Trail abounds with wildflowers and wildlife.

Mount Vernon: In 2009, Budget Travel Magazine listed Mount Vernon as one of America’s coolest small towns equipped with great coffee, food with character, and shop owners with purpose. Mount Vernon is also home to Cornell College, one of the first colleges to be listed entirely on the National Register of Historic Places.

Quilt Capital of Iowa in Kalona: Visit Kalona, home to the largest Amish Mennonite settlement west of the Mississippi River, for an afternoon or entire weekend, and visit the Quilt and Textile Museum, Kalona’s Historical Village, countryside businesses, the Kalona Cheese House, delicious dining, and several antique stores and boutiques.

University of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame: The University of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame is a sports history museum located at the Roy G. Karro Building in Iowa City. The museum pays tribute to the most legendary and influential Iowa Hawkeye sports heroes and is a must see for any Hawkeye fan.

Hills Bank Live Local hopes to remind businesses and individuals that together we have the power to make decisions that will keep our neighbors employed, locally owned businesses open, community non-profits serving, and many of our local events happening. Visit hillsbanklivelocal.com for ideas to shop locally, give back, and experience local life.


Where Are They Hiding? Find Extra Dollars to Invest

In your jacket pocket? Under the sofa cushions? Where can you find extra dollars to put toward your investments? While it might not be as easy as digging through your pockets for misplaced cash, you may be able to come up with additional money to invest just by making a few simple changes to your spending habits.

Use Your Kitchen More. You’re probably asking, “How will that help me find cash to invest?” The simple truth is that coffee and a bagel on your way to work every morning and lunch at the sandwich shop may cost more than you realize. Instead, toast your bagel at home, bring coffee to work in a thermos, and brown-bag it at lunch. Then, take the money you save each week and put it toward your investments.

Spend Your Cash. Well, that sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? But, by paying cash or using your debit card instead of charging items to your credit cards, you’ll save money in interest charges. And you won’t be tempted to overspend the way you might with a credit card, because you’ll be limited to using only the money that you actually have on hand.

Rethink the “Extras.” You don’t have to give up all the things you enjoy or that make your life easier, but you may want to consider cutting back on some services. For example, skip the “premium” cable channels, find a cheaper Internet provider, and shop for a less expensive cell phone plan. These moves can net you a tidy sum to add to your investment account.

Think of all the little things you can do to find those extra dollars. Over time, small savings here and there can add up to something big!


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