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Earn Rewards With Your Hills Bank Debit Card!

Hills Bank Rewards

You work hard for your money, so give yourself a FREE reward by using your Hills Bank debit card! 

Find out more at hillsbankrewards.com.

Business Debit Card

Picture Perfect Business Debit Card DesignerThe Hills Bank business debit card gives you easy, convenient access to your Hills Bank business checking account. It looks like a Visa® card, but works like a check.



  • Purchases are withdrawn from your Hills Bank business checking account.
  • Business deposits can be made through an ATM.
  • Use your business debit card wherever Visa® is accepted.
  • Authorized employees have access to make purchases.


Make Your Business Debit Card Picture Perfect:

Design your own Visa® debit card with a company logo, employee head shot, or pick from one of our images in our Picture Perfect card catalog:

Company Logo Business Debit Card Upload an Image or Company Logo:
Include an image or a company logo on your card.
Photo ID Business Debit Card Photo ID Card:
You have the option to make your business debit card a photo ID card for employees. Simply choose a background and upload an employee head shot.
Business Logo and Photo ID Debit Card Business Logo and Photo ID Card:
Choose from several different backgrounds, then upload an employee head shot and business logo.
Gallery Image for Business Debit Card Gallery Image:
Choose from several different galleries of images – we've already done the work for you!



Hills Bank RewardsEarn Rewards

With Hills Bank Rewards, each time you use your Hills Bank business debit card to purchase merchandise or services, we give you points that can be redeemed for gifts now or accumulated toward larger rewards later. As a cardholder, you're already eligible to begin acquiring points. Visit hillsbankrewards.com to learn more.



Manage Your ATM/Debit Card Through Hills Bank Online Business ConnectionsTM

You can activate, reorder, or mark an ATM/debit card as lost or stolen through Hills Bank Online Business Connections by following these simple steps:

  • Login to Hills Bank Online Business Connections
  • Click the "Management" tab
  • Click "ATM/Debit Card"
  • Select the function you would like applied to your card number

To learn more, speak to a Commercial Deposits Representative at 319-679-5500 for the Iowa City area, 319-654-8100 for the Cedar Rapids area, or toll free at 1-800-445-5725.


Frequently Asked Questions about your Hills Bank debit card 

What if my debit card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen or you suspect that it is, please notify Hills Bank immediately at 1-800-445-5725 (HILLSBK). After bank hours, call 1-800-383-8000 to cancel your debit card.

How is the Picture Perfect debit card different from my existing Hills Bank debit card?

There is no difference between the Picture Perfect debit card and your existing Hills Bank debit card.

Will creating a Picture Perfect debit card change my debit card number?

No. Your new debit card will have the same card number.  

Can my joint account owner or additional account users have a different image on their Picture Perfect debit card?

Yes. Each account owner will be able to have a unique image on their debit card. 

What are the image requirements for photos I upload for my card background?

Please view the image guidelines found on the Picture Perfect debit card designer website or contact Hills Bank at 1-800-445-5725 (HILLSBK).

What if my picture is too large or small to upload? Can I modify the size, and if so, how?

If you are unable to upload your picture because the file size is too large or too small, you can modify the picture's size by using a photo editor of your choice. Your computer most likely has photo editing software already loaded, but you can also use popular photo sharing programs like Flickr or Picasa to resize photos. If you don't see how to resize your image, try doing an internet search for how to resize an image in the program you are using. Please note: If you try to upload a photo that is too small, you will lose quality when resizing it larger. For best results, it may be best to choose a different photo that fits within the image guidelines found on the Picture Perfect debit card designer website.

What copyright restrictions may I encounter?

Due to copyright restrictions, you may not upload photos containing trademarked logos. Please be sure to crop photos with logos or your card design will be rejected. Hills Bank has the discretion to accept or reject any images. View the image guidelines found on the Picture Perfect debit card designer website for more details.

How will I know if my Picture Perfect debit card image is approved or rejected?

You will receive an email confirmation/notification from hillsbank@hillsbank.com.

What if I don't have an image to upload?

Hills Bank offers several galleries from which you can chose your image:

  • Artistic - Choose a background and make it your own by resizing and moving the picture to create your own masterpiece.
  • Classic - Choose from a variety of solid background colors.
  • Live Local - Choose from local images around the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Corridor.
  • Nature - Select your favorite season. 
  • School Spirit - Show your school spirit by choosing your team's colors.
  • Sports - Pick your favorite sport.
  • Top Picks - Select from some of the most popular choices.

What are the size requirements for graphics I upload?

View the image guidelines found on the Picture Perfect debit card designer website for size requirements. To be sure you are using quality photos, PC users can usually find the file format, file size, and pixel dimension by right clicking on the file and selecting “Properties.” MAC users can click on the file and select “Get info.”  Please note: Operating systems may vary between computers.

Can I change my Picture Perfect debit card image?

Yes. You can change your image as often as you like. See the terms and conditions found on the Picture Perfect debit card designer website.

Can I make my Picture Perfect debit card a Photo ID card?

Yes. With Photo ID cards, you have the ability to upload a personal image or choose an image from the design gallery as the background of the card, and by clicking the “Photo” button you have the option to add a head shot to the upper-left corner of your card. Use a straight-on full-head image, and zoom in on your face. Do not wear sunglasses or other items that could obscure your clear identity. Use a photo with a single, light-colored background for best results.

Uploaded Photo ID head shots must meet these criteria

  • File Format: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF
  • Image Dimension Minimum: 480 by 480 pixels
  • Resolution: There is no minimum, but 300 DPI – 600 DPI (dots-per-inch) is recommended for best quality
  • File Size: cannot exceed 4 MB (megabytes) or 4,000 KB (kilobytes)

View the image guidelines found on the Picture Perfect debit card designer website for more details.

When will I get my new Picture Perfect debit card?

Your new card will be mailed to you and arrive within 7-10 business days after the card has been approved, unless you have selected to reissue at the time of your card's expiration date. You can continue using your current card until your new debit card arrives. To activate the card, use the assigned Personal Identification Number (PIN) at any ATM. You will receive your assigned PIN in a separate mailing a couple days after receiving your card. Once you activate your new debit card, destroy your old card.

What if I ordered a card at a Hills Bank location, but forgot to upload my own photo at the Picture Perfect website?

If you have not created a card within 3 calendar days of your debit card order, Hills Bank will create a card with our default image.

What if I did not receive my new Picture Perfect debit card?

Please contact Hills Bank at 1-800-445-5725 (HILLSBK) to confirm the status of your card order.

What happens when my Picture Perfect debit card expires and is re-issued?

Please visit the Picture Perfect website 90 days prior to your card expiration month to create and submit your new card design. If you do nothing, your re-issued card may come with a Hills Bank default image.  

What if I need help or have questions about designing my Picture Perfect debit card?

Contact Hills Bank support at hillsbank@hillsbank.com or call the Hills Bank Contact Center at
1-800-445-5725 (HILLSBK).

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