ACH Origination

Hills Bank Online allows you to initiate ACH (Automatic Clearing House) files. You have the ability to send and receive payments electronically through an automated clearing house. The files are used for direct payments to vendors, to create payroll direct deposit, direct debits for billing, or to consolidate your funds from multiple financial institutions.

ACH Payments

This service simplifies the process of paying your business’ bills.

  • Pay bills electronically monthly.
  • No need to write checks to pay bills.
  • Automated recurring payments.
ACH Payroll

ACH Payroll gives you the ability to direct deposit payroll into your employees’ accounts.

  • One debit to your business account to pay employees, which means no payroll checks to reconcile at month end.
  • Less check stock used and no need to sign paychecks.
  • No need to reissue payroll checks or place stop payments on lost payroll checks.
ACH Collections

This offers your business the ability to collect money from businesses or people. Examples include recurring payments from property managers, membership dues, church donations, monthly utilities, and more.

  • Payments in your account on the due date.
  • Immediate access to your funds.
  • No need to send additional notices or resort to using a bill collection service.
Simplified Fund Management Among Multiple Financial Institutions
  • Electronically transfer funds between financial institutions.
  • No longer need to write checks between accounts.
Holiday Schedule

Hills Bank and Trust Company is closed for holidays according to the Federal Reserve holiday schedule. Please keep in mind files cannot be effective or originated on the dates when we are closed. View our ACH holiday schedule for a list of closings.

To set up ACH Origination you must be a Hills Bank Online customer. Contact a Treasury Management Representative at 1-800-445-5725 (1-800-HILLSBK).