Visa Chip-Enabled (EMV) Card

Hills Bank will issue Visa chip-enabled cards (also known as EMV) in phases to customers throughout 2017. These microchip-embedded cards are replacing magnetic stripe technology. The microchip inside the card assigns a unique code for each transaction, making it more difficult for fraudulent transactions to occur. 

At participating merchants, instead of swiping your card, you insert your chip-enabled (EMV) card into the merchant terminal, chip side up. Following the prompts, sign or enter your PIN as normal, leaving your card in the reader until the transaction is complete.

While chip-enabled (EMV) cards offer additional protection for in-person purchases, they don’t have additional security features for online purchases. It’s best to always use familiar websites when online shopping and look for the lock in the address bar indicating SSL encryption has been installed (https://). In addition, set online banking alerts, check your accounts frequently through online banking, and enroll in Visa Checkout.

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How do I use my Visa chip-enabled (EMV) card if you can not insert the chip-enabled card?

The black magnetic stripe will still be on the back of your card. You can continue using the card as a traditional credit or debit card by swiping the card at the merchant terminal and processing the purchase as a signature-based or PIN-based transaction.

When will I get a new Visa chip-enabled (EMV) card?

Here is our tentative timeline:

    Chip-enabled (EMV) debit cards will be reissued over several months throughout 2017. The new cards will be distributed in phases, so multiple cardholders in your household may not receive them at the same time.
    Chip-enabled (EMV) credit cards were reissued in 2016.

Will my new Visa chip-enabled (EMV) card have the same card number?

Debit cards will have a new card number, but credit card numbers will remain the same.

Will my new Visa chip-enabled (EMV) debit card have the same PIN attached to it?

No, you will need to set a new PIN on the card using the EASYPIN process. You will receive a letter near the time you will receive your card that includes a reference number for your specific card number. This will detail how to set the PIN on your new Visa chip-enabled EMV debit card.

Will my new Visa chip-enabled (EMV) card have my current Picture Perfect image?

    If you have an image from our Picture Perfect card gallery on your existing debit card, the reissued card will have the same image on your chip-enabled (EMV) debit card. The layout of the card is slightly different than before so the image will be slightly different as well. See sample debit card images below.

       Hills Bank Debit Card                                 Hills Bank Visa Chip Enabled EMV Card   
       Visa Chip Enabled Card
    If you personalized your debit card by uploading your own image, you will need to re-upload that image to have it printed on your new chip-enabled (EMV) card. You will receive a letter from Hills Bank detailing instructions and timing for uploading your image to your new chip-enabled (EMV) card. If you do not re-upload an image within the given timeframe, you will receive our default image on your new card.
    Yes, reissued EMV credit cards will retain the Picture Perfect image or selected gallery image that was previously on the card. If there are multiple owners on the account and each individual has their own image on the card, the new cards will have the most recent image that was submitted to the bank. The layout of the card is slightly different than before so the image will be slightly different as well.

If your new card does not have a Picture Perfect image when it arrives and you would like one, you can customize your card online at

Will Hills Bank still have fraud monitoring on our debit and credit cards?

Yes, we will continue monitoring for fraud on all Hills Bank cards.

Will I still need to notify Hills Bank of my travel plans?

Yes, advance notice prior to traveling will assist Hills Bank in knowing what transactions are authorized and will assist those transactions in processing appropriately while you are traveling.

Are there fees for having a Visa chip-enabled (EMV) card?

There are no additional fees to having a chip-enabled (EMV) card versus a traditional card.

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