5 Ways to Shop Local Safely

5 Ways to Shop Local Safely

November 23, 2022

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At Hills Bank, we believe in supporting our local businesses throughout each year. But in the past few years, shopping locally has never been more important. You can help your favorite businesses while keeping yourself safe with these tips:

1. Visit a virtual storefront 

Many local businesses offer their wares on the internet. Some might provide shipping straight to your door, while others offer convenient curbside pickup.

2. Get a gift card

If you aren't comfortable visiting stores in-person, you can offer your financial support in the short term by buying a gift card. When the time is right to stop by, you’ll be ready! You can also, of course, gift a card to a friend or loved one.

3. Continue your membership

Do you visit a local fitness center, take yoga classes, or use some other local service on subscription? If you can afford it, you might consider continuing paying; even if you aren’t using it right now.

4. Get your favorite takeout to-go (or delivered)

If dining in isn’t an option, you can still get that delicious dinner with curbside pick-up or delivery. Some local restaurants offer their own delivery services, and there are other local delivery services you can take advantage of as well.

5. Support local artists 

Craft fair season is upon us once again, and though some may not be comfortable visiting crowded convention centers, many venues are offering outdoor, socially distanced and virtual fairs to let you find those cute crafts you love while staying safe.

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Support the Community

By shopping at businesses with our Shop Local logo, you can feel good about spending while supporting our local merchants. By choosing to shop locally, you are not only helping your town prosper, you also receive benefits that only a local business can provide.

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